Gordola, Tenero and the Verzasca Valley

The nice village of Gordola is nestled on the foot of a hill, rich with some of the most beautiful vineyards in the canton. It is a location sought for vacations, as the area offers many points of interest such as Monti Motti, marvelous promontory with splendid views of Lake Maggiore and the Verzasca Valley.

The Verzasca Valley, located between the Leventina Valley and the Maggia Valley, is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating river valleys of the Alpine region south of the St. Gotthard Pass, and is of genuine historical interest. None of the passes out of the valley cross cantonal or national borders. The Verzasca River runs through the whole valley, which is about 25 km long, and forms the artificial Lago di Vogorno near the entrance of the valley, formed by the 220 m high and 380 m wide Verzasca Dam. The road leading to the Verzasca Valley can only be accessed in Tenero or Gordola. The conquerors of the past were never much attracted by this valley, due to the geographical position north of the lake Maggiore. Nowadays, on the contrary, the valley is famous for the thrilling river Verzasca, where you can dive, row or take a refreshing swim after sunbathing on the river bank.

Right on the lake’s shores, in the beautiful landscape stretching from the hill covered in grapevines and forests to the lake Maggiore, lies the delightful and friendly little city of Tenero. The smooth, calm surface of the lake surrounded by mountains and the white sandy beaches immediately carries away the visitors from reality, cocooning him in a carefree and relaxing environment. Tenero offers a broad range of facilities and services of all types, such as the renowned National Youth Centre or the Matasci Gallery with its Wine Museum. Moreover, there are many organised events that will make the stay even more enjoyable and unforgettable: markets, traditional rural ceremonies, concerts (of all types of music: Blues, traditional, classic and so on) and much, much more.

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Recreational activities

There are a great number of activities offered in the immediate surroundings, here you find some very interesting links:
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